Help Your Child Brush Their Teeth

Help Your Child Brush Their Teeth


Tooth decay is the most common disease affecting children under the age of five, but is almost completely preventable. Brushing teeth twice a day reduces the likelihood of caries in children. It is thanks to their families that children acquire the habit of brushing their teeth, and parents have a big duty here. However, we have compiled some tips for parents who do not know what to do in this case;

Use Video
If you're going to teach your child how to brush teeth for the first time, it can be difficult to brush for two minutes at the same time. This is because children find it difficult to focus on two different things at once. You can make it fun with your kids by watching a tooth brushing video. These training videos help children brush their teeth and take at least two minutes each.

Buy Fun Toothbrush
You can help convince your child to brush their teeth by buying a fun toothbrush they love to use. When buying a new toothbrush, take your child with you and choose one that they find attractive.

Try the Electric Toothbrush
An electric toothbrush is an attractive option for children who begin to brush because they require less skill and physical movement to operate. It is better to buy an electric toothbrush, especially made for children.

Brush Together
When your child brushes their teeth for the first time, you can brush your teeth with him to help and give you some tips. This will be a lot of fun for your child and will help you to understand what to do by looking at you. It can also help you enter a fun routine with your child and spend some more time together.


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