Everyday Habits That Hurt Your Smile

Everyday Habits That Hurt Your Smile

The teeth need to remain healthy for life. But some habits can reduce the strength of your teeth without noticing. You can take precautions to protect your teeth by recognizing habits that may endanger the structure and health of your smile.

Avoiding Regular Dental Care
Many people skip regular tooth cleaning for lack of time or other personal reasons. However, doing so can cause tooth decay, gum disease, and other common oral health problems.
Therefore, you should be sure to visit the dentist every 6 months for cleaning.

Very Hard Brushing
Brushing is an important component of good oral health. Of course when not done wrong. Brushing hard can wear tooth enamel, irritate your gums, increase tooth sensitivity and cause caries. By purchasing a soft-bristled or electronic toothbrush, you can prevent damage while cleaning your teeth.

Using the Wrong Materials to Clean Teeth
Even if you brush your teeth regularly, flossing is essential to remove residues. Using toothpicks or anything pointed to remove food between your teeth can cause tooth damage.

Squeezing Teeths
You may not know that you are clenching your teeth in your sleep at night, but this can happen if you wake up with jaw pain and have headaches. It can also give you information if you have a partner. Such a condition may cause jaw locking, as well as wear of the teeth.


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