Oral and Dental Health Considerations

Oral and Dental Health Considerations

Oral and dental health is one of the most important issues to be considered. Although the importance of dental health is not given in our country, the number of people who care about dental and oral health is increasing day by day. Dental health should not only be brushed, but also regular dental examinations. Dental health also affects the overall health of the body. Bacteria in the mouth spread to all organs over time and can cause diseases.

The habit of brushing teeth should be gained from childhood. The best and correct way to give children the habit of brushing teeth is that parents have the same habit of brushing teeth. A child who sees his or her parents not brushing their teeth will not be able to gain the habit of brushing teeth. Parents should be more careful about this. On the other hand, dental health is impaired by the foods we eat and the foods we drink. Especially children consuming too much sugary and acidic food will cause tooth damage.

Of course, the problems in the teeth do not only result from brushing teeth. Orthodontic treatment is essential as it is a shape and aesthetic disorder in cases where the teeth are deformed and anterior teeth are perpendicular. In orthodontic treatment, other treatment options can be applied in addition to braces. However, this will be decided by our specialist doctors.


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