Oral and Dental Health Care in Children

Oral and Dental Health Care in Children

It is the basic components of general health that children acquire appropriate habits for dental and oral health. Mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria. It is the entry point of the body to the digestive and respiratory tract. Right child dental and oral care can play a critical role in keeping bacterial levels healthy, preventing oral infections, tooth decay, and gum disease.


Dental and Oral Health Care in Children by Age

4-24 mounth

It is important to have the habit of cleaning your baby's mouth and gums with a damp cloth after all meals at an early age. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush to clean your child's teeth. For young children, you should also use a pea-sized small non-fluorinated toothpaste. Your baby's first dental examination should be done six months after the first teeth appear. After the first visit, regular six-month checks will help maintain proper dental development and oral health.

2-4 age

By the age of two, your child can start using fluorinated toothpaste. This will help prevent tooth decay. As you become more independent, you should encourage your child to brush their teeth on their own and eventually make sure their mouths are properly cleaned. There are several ways to make children's oral care fun. For example, when brushing their teeth:

Let them choose their own toothbrush or children's toothpaste. Choose a toothbrushing song.

Add a fun activity that takes place after brushing your teeth.

Brush your teeth at the same time with your child to help create a good example.

5-7 Age

Keep checking your child while brushing his teeth. The dexterity required to brush the teeth independently will develop during this time interval. Make brushing and flossing part of the morning and night routine, if you haven't already done so. At this age, children start to lose their baby teeth and have permanent teeth. This makes home oral care even more important.

8 years old and above

At this stage, your child is quite independent, he has learned to brush his own teeth and use dental floss. Check your child every time to make sure they are trained to use the correct brushing and flossing. You can also promote healthy foods. You can minimize the consumption of sugary and acidic foods that cause caries on the teeth.


Dental and Oral Health Care Tips

Replace your child's toothbrush every 6 months.

Make sure your child is healthy and try to reduce their sugar intake.

Tell your child the importance of avoiding tobacco products.

Pay special attention to oral health if your child is diabetic or is using a medicine known to reduce saliva flow.

Schedule a regular dental exam every six months.



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