Gum Problems And Its Efects On Human

Gum Problems And Its Efects On Human


Gummy smile When you smile, it is an aesthetic disorder that occurs because of the gum that the upper teeth are attached to, and it also has a negative effect on smile aesthetics. Individuals with excessive gingival appearances often feel separate from each other and feel that their smiles are not attractive.Although it does not cause a health problem, gummy smile makes these people feel uncomfortable about their smile. If you are one of many adults who are not satisfied with the gum's appearance when smiling, it will comfort you to know that it is treatable.

The excessive appearance of your gum that stands out especially when you smile can affect your self-confidence and prevent you from displaying your white teeth. The appeal of smile is both aesthetic and perception. Individuals are looking for aesthetic dental treatment because they are unhappy with their smiles. They think their gums are very prominent and their teeth look very small. Gummy smile can make a person feel unwell. If the appearance of the gingiva affects a person's enjoyment of life, comfort and well-being, it is time to receive treatment support in this regard.

Gummy smile it is a matter of perception and therefore will vary from person to person. However, a smile with more than four millimeters of gum tissue appearing is often perceived as excessive gingival appearance.

Gummy smile it has no defined definition and is mainly based on perception. In fact, the perception of individuals characterizes the smiles, in which the gum appears two millimeters or less, is more attractive. This condition is more common in women than in men. Some experts argue that the problem of gingiva appearing in approximately 14% of women and 7% of men is noticeable.

When the teeth, gingival tissues and upper jaw ratios are not compatible with each other, the gums appear to be excessive. The position of the upper lip also plays an important role. Gummy smile is a combination of the following factors: the amount of appearance of the gingiva, the length and degree of movement of the upper lip, the size and shape of the teeth, the vertical position of the upper jaw and teeth relative to the skull. For these reasons, the gum will be perceived aesthetically while smiling.

There are some reasons why the gingiva appears too, but the most common ones are small teeth compared to the gums, a very short upper lip, a hyperactive upper lip where too many gingival tissues appear while smiling, long or enlarged gums, and excessive enlargement of the upper jaw.

Gummy smile all of the reasons that make up its appearance; It is associated with teeth, lips, jaws or gums that determine your aesthetic smile. It's all about proportion and positioning. Smile is a composite and the difference existing in a part of this structure can affect the smile. In most cases, the situation behind excessive gingival appearance is genetic, so there is nothing you can do to prevent this. But you can get rid of the gummy smile appearance by being treated.


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