What Are The Factors  That Damage The Smile  Aesthetics?

What Are The Factors  That Damage The Smile  Aesthetics?


A smile that brightens your face will make you look more sympathetic and attractive. With your smile, it radiates positive energy to your environment and your self-confidence is refreshed. A smiling face will look more intimate, healthy, successful and young. Smile also plays a very important role in your social relationships; It is also the simplest way to create the image that you are a happy and confident person.

Smile aesthetics are designed to achieve a beautiful smile and improve our smile. It is accepted that a healthy, radiant smile enhances the appearance and improves self-confidence, and this increases the interest in the aesthetics of the smile day by day. The aim of smile aesthetics is to improve our smile and to treat pathologies that disrupt it by eliminating it. For a successful smile aesthetics, the process starts with a smile design compatible with the teeth and mouth, and the desired result is obtained by performing aesthetic dental treatments and necessary interventions. Sometimes small touches will make your smile perfect.

In smile aesthetics, there are different techniques to beautify, shape and correct your smile. With a few simple applications, you can have a smile that will make you feel better.

First of all, it is important to identify the factors that disrupt smile aesthetics:

-Decayed and worn teeth noticed by smile

-Too much gums on upper teeth while smiling

-Distortion in teeth, overlap, gap between teeth

-Missing teeth

-Teeth stains, unhealthy looking tooth color

-Size differences that do not appear aesthetically in the teeth

-Noticeable old filling and dental treatments

-Cracks and fractures in the teeth

With the detection of factors that disrupt smile aesthetics, the treatment process develops and the right steps are taken for a better smile.

Teeth whitening: The drinks we eat during the day, especially tea and coffee, and the habit of smoking causes our teeth to turn yellow over time.

It is possible to achieve the desired pearl appearance on your teeth with professional tooth whiteners and tooth whitening methods. These are very strong bleaching products compared to home whitening products.

Gum Treatment: Gummy smile is also one of the factors that disrupt smile aesthetics while the gum is more visible while smiling. After diagnosing the tooth or gum problem causing this, the treatment process will start.

Treatment of Missing Teeth: These cavities will be filled by using dental implants, bridges and prosthetic teeth instead of lost teeth. With this step, you will have healthier teeth while improving your smile.

Replaced Old Dental Treatments: While dark or silver fillings are replaced with white fillings, the yellowed fillings will also be renewed and your teeth will appear whiter and healthier.

Gaps Between Teeth: You can easily get rid of these gaps thanks to the coating and fillings to be made in your teeth color.

Treating Broken, Cracked and Worn Teeth: In the treatment of damaged teeth, you can get rid of these problems permanently with very fine tooth coatings and have flawless teeth in a short time. With dental porcelain laminates, tooth defects are hidden, teeth can be lengthened and shaped. Stain-free coatings are flexible and look natural. They are easily seated on your original teeth without shaping your teeth.

Porcelain Coatings: With the porcelain coatings prepared exclusively for your teeth, your appearance of teeth can change in an instant. With porcelain veneers, you can have long lasting, pearl-like teeth.

It is possible to apply smile aesthetics for everyone. However, smile aesthetics to be applied for each individual will require a special study for that person. The most appropriate treatment method is selected for oral and dental health. In the dental examination for smile aesthetics, the harmony of the patient's muscle, bone structure, joints, gingival tissue, tooth and mouth structure will be examined.


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