How Do The Endodontic Treatment Process?

How Do The Endodontic Treatment Process?

Endodontic treatment is a dental procedure to repair and save a rotten tooth. Endodontics means “inside the tooth”. In the endodontic treatment, also called canal treatment, the infected soft part of the tooth is removed and cleaned and saved. Pulp is the soft tissue located in the dental canal and the dental nerves and vessels are located in this canal. With canal treatment, the nerves are removed from the pulp and the infection is eliminated and the spread of the infection to the tissues around the tooth is prevented. The natural tooth is rescued, performing its duties inside the mouth, like an untreated tooth, and lasts for many years. It consists of a tooth, crown and root parts. The roots provide the tooth to hold on to the jawbone and feed from it.

The crown is the part of the tooth that appears on the surface. When a vertical section is inserted into a tooth, a cavity called the root canal can be observed inside the tooth. There is a pulp inside the root canal. Bacteria leaking from cracked and broken teeth, after a while, lead to infection in soft tissue. To treat an infected tooth, all the tissues inside the root canal are first removed. By looking at your dental x-ray, your tooth is examined and a hole is opened on the surface of the tooth, which is numbed with local anesthesia, and the root canal is reached.

Since the infected pulp cannot renew itself, the soft tissue is damaged and dies after a while. Dead pulp tissue, dental nerves and blood vessels are removed, and all infected tissue is cleaned and scraped from inside the tooth. Then, this canal is disinfected with antiseptic drugs and shaped. Because there is no nerve tissue in the tooth anymore, the tooth will not feel pain.

A tooth that has been emptied will be more fragile. Since the tooth is no longer fed from the jaw bone, it must be protected with a filler or an artificial crown. However, until this process is completed, the patient must take care of his tooth and avoid hard foods that will cause breakage. The tooth canal that is emptied is filled and closed. With long-lasting and safe filling material, the tooth is filled in an airtight manner. Thus, the spread of bacteria inside the tooth will be prevented and harmful bacteria from outside will be prevented. If the crown part of the tooth is damaged, an artificial crown is created and the tooth is provided to function properly again. If endodontic treatment is delayed or the tooth is not treated, the infection causes pain. It can also lead to an infection that spreads to the tissues around the tooth. Teeth infected with endodontic treatment are recycled so that you can use your natural teeth in a healthy way for a long time.

The treated tooth will not be noticed from the outside and your natural mouth structure will not deteriorate. The canal treated tooth will be able to perform all its functions again. By treating your infected tooth, the health of other teeth is also protected. The techniques used in endodontic treatment are very advanced and no pain is felt during this procedure.

During the treatment process, local anesthesia is also applied and the pain caused by the infection is prevented by the patient. Endodontic treatment does not cause pain sensation, but it is done to eliminate the problems causing pain. Endodontic treatment does not require the use of antibiotics, but an antibiotic drug can be prescribed if the infection in the dental canal has spread to the tissues and jaw around the tooth.

Sensitivity to the tooth is normal for a few days after treatment, but if this process is prolonged, dental examination may be required again. Caring for a canal-treated tooth will be just like your other natural teeth. In order to use this tooth for a long time, you should take care of oral hygiene and brush it regularly. You can provide more effective oral care by putting dental floss between your dental cleaning routines.


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