Emax crown (Emax veneers) in Turkey and Empress crown (Empress veneers) Cost

Empress Crowns Istanbul

With Empress crown & Emax crown treatment, your broken or distorted teeth look like your natural teeth and your smiles become aesthetic. Moreover, you can use your teeth for years without any decay.

What is Empress crown & Emax crown?

Empress crown & Emax crown is one of the most preferred aesthetic dental treatments. Emax veneers & Empress veneers, empress tooth, full porcelain tooth, emax tooth, full porcelain tooth are also frequently used for such veneers. Empress crown has almost the same features as emax crown. These crowns are obtained by increasing the durability of the porcelain material under high pressure. Due to its high light transmittance and the absence of metal in it, it gives the teeth a real tooth appearance. Emax veneers & Empress veneers technique is used especially in anterior teeth that are the most aesthetically pleasing, and in premolars with less force. The Emax veneers, on the other hand, has the characteristics of an Empress crown, but is more durable than it. For this reason, it can be used on all teeth in the mouth.

Who can have Empress crown & Emax crown?

In which patients can Emax veneers & Empress veneers be applied? The following information will be illuminating as an answer to this question:

  • Those who want to beautify their smiles aesthetically,
  • Those with damaged premolars that do not exert much force on them (Emax teeth can be applied to all teeth of the mouth)
  • Those who have small teeth and want to increase the size of their teeth
  • Those whose tooth enamel is worn,
  • Those who have gaps between their teeth,
  • Those with worn and deformed teeth,
  • Persons with faulty teeth in terms of their arrangement and position,
  • Those who have color loss in their teeth for various reasons
  • People whose teeth are not whitened enough even though their teeth are whitened,
  • On which teeth can Emax crown & Empress crown not be applied? Emax veneers & Empress veneers are not made in teeth with the following features.
  • Big molars with heavy load on them (Emax veneer can be applied on all teeth, including other molars)
  • Teeth with root canal treatment and metal pivot added,
  • Teeth with metal abudment on which dental implant application has been performed,
  • Empress crown veneers are not used for the purpose of eliminating tooth deficiency,
  • It is not preferred on long bridges.
  • What are the advantages of Empress crown & Emax crown?

  • Emax veneers & Empress veneers are frequently preferred by patients with different teeth due to their many advantages. Some important advantages of these veneers are listed below.
  • Provides the closest image to the natural tooth: Empress crown teeth, which can be color adjusted and have very good natural fluorescence properties, provide the closest appearance to the natural tooth in terms of aesthetics. An aesthetic appearance occurs during speaking and laughing.
  • Durable: Due to its reinforced structure, it is durable, resistant to breakage and abrasion. For this reason, it can be used for a long time.
  • Plaque formation is very low: On veneers where polishing is done very well, plaque accumulation is less than on other veneers. For this reason, the likelihood of gingival diseases is reduced.
  • It is a solution to deformities: Aesthetic solutions are provided for the alignment and deformities of the empress teeth and anterior teeth.
  • No bruising: There is no color change in the form of bruising on the edge of the tooth or on the gums.
  • High adhesion to the tooth: Empress crown tooth has a higher retention than other types of veneers.
  • Liquid absorption is low: Liquid absorption (absorption) is lower than other veneer applications.
  • It reduces the sensitivity of the teeth.
  • How much are Empress crown & Emax crown in Istanbul?

    There is no fixed price for Emax veneers & Empress veneers. Although the Turkish Dental Association has determined the base prices for veneer applications, the prices may vary depending on the situations listed below.

  • Number of teeth to be veneered: (As the number of Emax veneers & Empress veneers increases, the price will increase).
  • Extra applications to be made to the patient for whom treatment is considered: (The procedures to be performed before the veneer for the oral and dental health of the person who will receive the veneer treatment will increase the price).
  • The quality and quantity of the material chosen for the veneer: It is one of the important criteria for the teeth veneer price to be different. The price of imported veneers is higher.
  • Knowledge and experience of the dentist who will do the veneer: (One of the most important reasons why the veneer prices are different is the differences in the knowledge and skill levels of the dentists).
  • Variation in exchange rates: (An increase in exchange rates will also increase the price of imported Emax crown & Empress crown).
  • Payment method: (Prices may differ depending on installment or cash payment methods).
  • How is Empress crown & Emax crown treatment done?

    The treatment steps applied by the dentist for Emax crown & Empress crown can be summarized as follows:


    Tooth imaging and measurement is done

    The dentist performs the imaging of the teeth to be veneered with different techniques and takes the measurements.


    The treatment area is anesthetized with local anesthesia.

    In order to perform the pre-crown treatments and the crown process painlessly, the mouth and chin area are anesthetized with local anesthesia.


    If there is damage to the tooth or gingiva, it is treated.

    Pre-treatment is performed in cases where there is damage to the tooth or gingiva (such as caries) to be veneered. Tooth veneer is made possible.


    Cleaning/abrasion is applied on the tooth:

    In order to make the veneer, a fine etching is done on the tooth.


    Measurements of the worn tooth are taken:

    Measurements are made of the tooth that has been eroded and is ready for veneer.


    Temporary veneers are attached to the tooth.

    Temporary veneers are placed on the patient's teeth until the permanent veneers are ready. In this way, the patient can use their teeth in this temporary period.


    Preparation in the laboratory

    Emax & Empress teeth suitable for the tooth measured are prepared in the laboratory. While obtaining the Emax crown, lithium disilicate is used, which further increases the durability. In this respect, the most important difference between Emax crown and Empress crown is the presence of this substance.



    The prepared veneer is tested by placing it on the tooth.


    Patient consent is obtained

    The crown is discussed with the patient. It is determined whether the color, size and shape of the crown are suitable.


    Veneers are adhered to the tooth

    If the patient's consent is obtained, veneers are placed on the tooth using medical adhesives. If the patient is not satisfied with the crown, the crown is adapted to the patient's wishes with a new laboratory study.


    The dentist advises

    After the veneer treatment, the dentist gives advice to the patient about oral and jaw care and nutrition.

    Emax & Empress dental veneer or zirconium veneer? What are the differences between Empress teeth and Zirconium?

    The information we will provide below will be illuminating in order to eliminate the indecision of Emax crown & Empress dental veneer or zirconium:

  • In terms of durability,
  • Although they do not contain metal, both zirconium and Emax veneers & Empress veneers are quite durable. However, zirconium veneer is stronger and more durable than Emax veneers & Empress veneers.

  • In terms of their use in all teeth
  • Zirconium crown can be used on all teeth. Since the zirconium crown has high durability, it is the most ideal crown type for molar teeth that have a high chewing force and are overloaded.

    Empress veneers can be used on all teeth except molars. Although Emax veneers is not ideal, it can also be used on molars.

  • Aesthetically (especially in terms of use in front teeth)
  • The aesthetic properties of Emax veneers & Empress veneers are better than zirconium veneers. For this reason, they are widely used in anterior teeth where aesthetic appearance is important. Since the same level of aesthetic appearance cannot be obtained with zirconium crowns, their use is not preferred in front teeth.

  • In terms of preferability in bridges,
  • Emax crown & Empress crown is not used in crown bridges. Zirconium crowns are easily used instead of metal-supported crowns in long bridges.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Turkey Emax Veneers & Empress Veneers Istanbul

    How should Emax veneers & Empress veneers care be done in Istanbul

    Empress veneers and e max veneer care are the same as in normal dental care. It is enough to make the following a habit:

  • Teeth should be brushed twice a day with non-hard brushes.
  • Using mouthwash should become a habit.
  • Foods with hard shells should not be broken with teeth.
  • Use dental floss.
  • How long is Emax veneers & Empress veneers used?

    It is difficult to say anything definite about the life of the veneer. It can be used for years if routine oral care is done regularly. Performing dental checks at 6-month intervals will increase the life of the veneer.

    How long do the treatment sessions of Emax veneers & Empress veneers last?

    The first session of Empress veneers takes approximately 25-30 minutes. During this period, only one tooth is prepared for the veneer and the temporary veneer is attached. The time is shortened in the next session or sessions.

    Is it possible to be toothless during Emax veneers & Empress veneers treatment?

    Since temporary veneers are placed on the teeth that are abraded during Emax veneers & Empress veneers, the patient will not be toothless until permanent veneers are attached.

    Do Emax crown & Empress crown cause cold or hot sensitivity?

    Abrasion on the tooth to place the veneer and increase the retention may cause sensitivity in the first days. Sensitivity decreases and disappears over time. If necessary, it is also possible to completely remove the sensitivity by performing root canal treatment.

    Do Emax veneers & Empress veneers cause allergies?

    Emax veneers & Empress veneers do not contain substances that cause allergies in the mouth or throughout the body. No case has been found that these veneers, which are biologically completely compatible with the mouth structure and are not rejected by the body, cause allergies. It is a type of veneer that patients with allergy problems can use without hesitation.

    Does Emax veneers & Empress veneers change color?

    One of the most important features of Emax crown & Empress crown that they do not change color over time. The ceramic material used for veneer is resistant to color changes. In cases where regular brushing is not done, pollution can be seen on the tooth surface after years due to smoking. This contamination can be easily removed by the dentist cleaning the teeth in a single session.

    Is there a danger of Emax & Empress dental veneers coming off or breaking?

    We can think of Emax & Empress veneered teeth as normal teeth. Since it is fixed with special medical adhesives, it is almost as strong as normal teeth. For this reason, there are no cases of removal or breakage of the coating. However, trying to break hard objects that are difficult for even normal teeth to break with coated teeth may cause the coating to fall or break.

    Will there be internal decay in Emax crown & Empress crown teeth?

    Since the veneers are compatible with the tooth, an environment where bacteria can feed does not form under the veneer, and bacteria do not grow. The specialty of the adhesive prevents the coating and tooth from melting under the influence of chemical substances in the mouth. The tooth has been used for years due to the absence of bacterial plaques and the absence of dissolution and separation between the coating and the tooth.

    You can visit our clinic to find out what you are wondering about Emax veneers & Empress veneers Treatment and to have free examination.

    Will there be gray color/bruising on the gingiva at the end of Emax crown treatment?

    There may be color changes in the gingiva due to the metal material in the coating. Since metal is not used during Emax crown & Empress crown, there is no color change in the gums.