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What is orthodontics?

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Orthodontic treatment is the method in which the necessary diagnosis and treatment are made by normalizing the jaw, tooth, and facial structure in case of abnormal tooth structure.

What is orthodontic treatment?

In case of early diagnosis of dental problems, braces can be supported with some preventive treatments. One of the common misconceptions is that orthodontic treatment is only concerned with whether or not the teeth are moved. Although there is a treatment method that varies according to each patient, it is the determination of which part of the tooth, the way it is applied, and how, and with which tool or material the treatment will be done.

How Is Braces Treatment Performed?

Braces treatment is applied to patients of all ages with dental aesthetic disorders. After a certain age, milk teeth fall out and the teeth that come into their place must undergo routine checks and necessary treatments must be carried out in order to prevent further orthodontic problems. Orthodontics, which aims to solve the problems related to the teeth, jaw, and face area, achieves this goal with surgical operations, intraoral and extraoral appliances, transparent and metal braces, and plaques.

Examination and Diagnosis

Patients who turn to orthodontic treatment should first search and find an orthodontist who inspires confidence and is good at work. After you find an orthodontist who is an expert in the field, you start the process by making an appointment. During the examination, the patient's mouth and jaw structure and the condition of the teeth are examined and a detailed report is presented to the patient.

After physical examination, cephalometric and panoramic radiographs, and a detailed examination, orthodontic problems are diagnosed. After the diagnosis is made, he explains the roadmap to be applied in detail to the patient. It tells what treatments will be done, the materials to be used, the time intervals in the treatment stages, the problems to be encountered, and how to solve them in a way that the patient can understand.

Orthodontist Treatment Plan and Preparation

After the examination and diagnosis stage, the patient's opinion is taken and it is decided whether to proceed to the next stage. If the treatment is to be continued, the plate and bracket design phase are started. In order to work smoothly for all these stages, an effective and efficient treatment plan must be created. At this stage, all the patient's information, examinations, diagnoses, and all possible problems are discussed. In light of all this information, a treatment plan is created.

With the activation of the treatment plan, necessary steps are taken for the oral health of the patient. These include tooth extraction, implants, fillings, eradication of gingival diseases, and cleaning of dental calculus. The success of orthodontic treatment is directly proportional to the oral health care listed above.

While taking the necessary steps for oral health, patient records are kept for the preparation stage, and analyzes and measurements that will affect the success of the treatment are provided. To observe the success of orthodontic treatment, dental photographs are taken.

Bracket and Wire Selection

As soon as the preparation phase is over, appropriate brackets, braces, and appliances are selected considering the patient's mouth, teeth, and jaw structure. Maximum precision is shown in their selection.

After these selections, the dental calculus is cleaned for the braces to be made and if there is an old filling, it is renewed. The patient should feel psychologically ready to have braces on the tooth. It will take 3-4 days for the patient to get used to the braces. so far, If the diagnosis, plan, preparation, and material selection made have been done correctly, it is out of the question that orthodontic treatment will not be successful.

What are the Benefits of Braces Treatment?

Patients who need braces treatment are deprived of an aesthetic smile in their social lives due to their damaged or crooked teeth. Generally, patients cannot smile comfortably as they wish during the period when they do not benefit from this orthodontic treatment. In order to eliminate this problem, the application of braces treatment, which is a traditional treatment method, becomes the most ideal option.

  • Braces treatment helps the patient regain self-confidence as it eliminates the crowding and disorder in the teeth of the patient.
  • It gives an aesthetic smile to people who are afraid to smile due to the bad alignment of their teeth in their social life.
  • Improper tooth alignment causes various problems in the gingival structure of the patient. Thanks to the braces treatment, the gingival problems caused by the crooked teeth of the patients are also eliminated.
  • In cases where some of the upper anterior incisors are ahead of the others, the risk of fracture is high in traumatic injuries or impacts. Braces treatment minimizes this risk as it will ensure that the teeth are properly aligned.
  • Pronunciation occurs with tongue movements in the mouth, so it is affected by the disorder in the teeth. This treatment also improves pronunciation.
  • Some orthodontic problems that progress to jaw surgery in the long term can be eliminated with braces treatment.
  • If there is a gap between the teeth or if the teeth are separated, the consumed food particles enter and remain in these gaps. Therefore, tooth decay occurs and can cause tooth loss. Braces treatment prevents tooth loss by closing these gaps.
  • Crowding in the upper incisors sometimes causes a change in lip shape. Your lip also eliminates this asymmetrical and unaesthetic appearance.
  • If the teeth are crooked, the pressure cannot be distributed properly during chewing. Some teeth are loaded more than they should, causing headaches or jaw pain. Braces treatment prevents this.
  • It makes oral care and hygiene easier.
  • It prevents the jaw muscles from being damaged. The muscles in the jaw of people who have problems with their tooth structure are damaged over time. Due to crooked teeth and excessive pressure on some teeth, pain may occur in the jaw and head. Prevention of such situations can be done with braces treatment.
  • Digestion starts in the mouth and straight teeth break down food more smoothly. The more small pieces the food is divided into in the mouth and sent to the stomach, the greater its contribution to the digestive system will be. Because the digestive enzymes in the stomach will contact more surfaces, digestion will be easier and the digestive system will also relax.
  • How long are the braces at least worn?

    This situation varies depending on whether the patient has more or less discomfort in his teeth. While some teeth are very crooked, the problem is seen less in some teeth. Depending on this situation, the duration of treatment may increase or decrease. Also, how the patient's tooth structure and gums react to the application is important in this regard.

    One of the important issues is that the patient should not interrupt the examinations where the wires are tightened regularly. If he attends the examinations without interruption, the teeth will begin to heal at the expected rate. The instructions given by the dentist must be followed.

    Braces treatment is a process that requires the doctor and the patient to act together. In this process, if the patient is a child, parents are also included in this group and they should closely follow the treatment process of their children.

    Braces treatment is a long process. In this regard, a dentist should be examined and the condition of the teeth should be determined, then it can only be mentioned about the time that the treatment will be completed. In general, braces treatment can take at least 8 months and at most 2.5 years. It finds longer years in advanced dental disorders.

    What Is The Frequency of Braces Tightening Monthly?

    The tightening of the braces is done by changing the tires and wire that tighten the braces on a monthly basis. Necessary actions are taken by making regular monthly follow-ups. The treatment process is accelerated by applying other methods that need to be applied extra depending on the situation. Routine checks should not be interrupted. The rate of tread improvement will increase if the tires and wire are not replaced each month.

    Braces Prices in Turkey

    People want to know the price of the transactions they will make. However, prices may vary according to treatment methods and braces material. At the same time, prices vary according to the experience of the doctor and the quality of the clinic. The condition of the problem in the teeth of the person is also one of the factors affecting the prices. These situations will only become clear after an examination. To get detailed information about this, you can contact us and make an appointment.

    What should those who wear braces pay attention to?

  • It is important to clean the teeth.
  • Very hard and sticky foods should be avoided so that the brackets are not broken and the treatment is not disrupted.
  • Acidic beverages should not be consumed or contact with teeth should be avoided with the help of a straw.
  • Since foods such as Turkish delight and chewing gum stick to the teeth, they should not be consumed.
  • You should not eat cookies as they may cause the brackets to come off.
  • Hard fruits such as apples should be cut into small pieces or consumed by squeezing the juice.
  • During the treatment, biting should be avoided and the food should be eaten by breaking it with the help of a knife.
  • Foods with seeds (cherries, apricots, plums, etc.) should also be consumed by removing the seeds.