Invisalign (Clear aligner) and Teeth Straightening-Invisalign cost in Turkey

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Invisalign treatment (teeth straightening) is a aplication performed by using specially prepared transparent plaque instead of metal-supported braces. Clear aligner has many advantages over conventional metal and porcelain wires.

What is invisalign (Clear aligner, transparent plaque)?

invisalign treatment is a method applied to align the teeth with a clear aligner. This Invisalign treatment is also called teeth straightening, treatments of clear aligner, transparent plaque, clear braces, invisible braces, teeth aligners. Plastic aligners which are used instead of braces and produced individually, are placed on the teeth. It is tried to close the gaps between the teeth, tooth clenching, incomplete closure of the teeth and tooth crowding with dental plaque, which is not easily noticed because of its transparent appearance and is highly preferred.

Advantages of invisalign treatment?

invisalign treatment is a very common application. Compared to the treatment using metal or porcelain wires, it has some superior aspects. Some advantageous aspects of using clear invisalign braces are listed below:

  • It is preferred because of its transparent appearance.
  • Since the invisalign braces are transparent, it is not easily noticed by other people. Patients who try to straighten their teeth using metal are uncomfortable with the appearance of their mouths. The use of these invisible braces, on the other hand, does not spoil the aesthetics and gives confidence to the user.

  • Eating is not restricted
  • The patient continues to eat the foods and meals he enjoys. Hard, sticky and acidic foods, which should be avoided in the use of metal wire, can be consumed easily. Because the patient will remove invisalign during the eating process.

  • It is easier to provide oral and dental hygiene
  • Since dental plaques will be removed from the mouth, oral care and brushing will not be difficult. Tooth brushing does not take long, as is the case with wire use.

  • The tissues around the tooth are not damaged.
  • In orthodontic treatment using wires, some damage occurs in the tissues around the teeth. Tongue, cheeks and lips are disturbed, tooth decay, gum diseases and tartar may occur. Clear aligner, on the other hand, does not cause such damage and do not irritate the gums, since oral and dental care can be done easily. The patient does not encounter negative events such as the ingrown and breaking of the wires into the palate.

  • Invisalign treatment time is short and appointments are less.
  • During invisalign treatment, examinations take a short time. In addition, it is sufficient to visit the dentist at intervals of 6-8 weeks instead of four weeks.

  • It is easy to put on and take off.
  • Clear aligners can be removed before meals and for oral care. It is also easy to remove and reattach for these operations.

  • When the teeth aligners treatment will end and the state of the teeth after the treatment is known in advance.
  • With the help of digital programs, the patient's dental appearance can be removed after treatment. The number of plaques to be used to achieve this image is also determined beforehand. For this reason, the patient will not only know the duration of the treatment in advance, but also will not encounter any surprises in terms of the appearance of his teeth after the treatment.

  • Speech is not adversely affected
  • It has no negative effect on the patient's speech. In other words, the patient does not compromise his comfort while talking, as in the treatment using wire.

    Aligners do not contain harmful chemicals, bisphenol A, which may be found in plastics. The patient is more peaceful on special days (such as birthdays, graduations, wedding anniversaries). Clear aligner cleaning is easier. Since it is possible to remove the invisalign cleaning can be done during routine oral care.

    How is teeth straightening treatment done?

  • The treatment is carried out by an orthodontist.
  • Invisalign treatment is performed by a certified orthodontist.

  • Before the transparent plaque is placed, preparation is made with extra treatments.
  • Before starting the transparent plaque application, all caries in the patient's mouth should be treated and dental calculus should be cleaned. If the dentist deems it necessary, 20-year-old teeth can also be extracted. Because after the measurement process to be done later, no action is applied. Treatments such as bridges and dental implants are performed after clear aligner treatment.

  • Measurement is taken and the model is produced.
  • The measurements of the patient's mouth structure and teeth are taken, the measurements are transferred to the digital environment and 3D modeling is done.

  • If necessary, small fillings are made on the tooth surface.
  • Invisalign treatment is based on moving the teeth by pressing and pushing in the plaque (means teeth straightening). Small fillings can be made on the surfaces of the teeth before treatment (this is rarely done) in cases where sufficient pushing force cannot be applied with the clear aligner. The location, size and shape of these fillings are determined at the first meeting. Fillings are painlessly removed from the teeth after invisalign treatment.

  • Transparent plaque is periodically replaced with new ones.
  • Prepared aligners are placed on the patient's teeth by the dentist. The patient uses the plate for 15 days. At the end of this period, the patient starts to use the other plate with different characteristics prepared for him. (Plate replacement periods can also be done at 7 or 10 day intervals)

  • There may be pressure on the teeth in the first days when the invisible braces change.
  • In clear aligner application, there is some pressure on the teeth after each aligner replacement, especially in the first days of plating. It takes a few days to get used to the plaques. Then you get used to the plates.

  • Transparent dental plaques should be worn on the teeth for 20-22 hours during the day.
  • Plaques are only allowed to be removed from meals, hot drinks (which may damage the plastic structure) and before dental care. For the rest of the time, the plaques should remain attached to the teeth. The plaque stays in the mouth for 20-22 hours. Removing the clear aligner from the mouth will increase the treatment time.

  • Checks are made
  • Evaluations are made with a control every 6 months. If necessary, a new plan layout is issued.

  • Temporary supporting wires are attached.
  • After the teeth straightening treatment, fixed and invisible wires called retainers, the duration of which will be determined by the orthodontist, are attached to the back of the teeth in order not to disrupt the tooth alignment corrected with aligners.

    In which cases are invisalign treated?

    invisalign treatment Turkey

    The information we have provided below will be illuminating as an answer to the questions asked as to whom transparent plaque treatment is applied.

  • To close the gaps between the teeth
  • Solving clenching problems
  • To find a solution to the problem of incomplete closure of the jaw and teeth
  • To correct the crookedness of the teeth, that is, to correct the crookedness of the teeth.
  • Some situations that require tooth extraction (the doctor decides)
  • To prevent the inconveniences and disadvantages of braces.

    How much does Invisalign cost in Turkey?

    Iinvisalign cost varies from person to person. Some applications such as caries treatment and material feature will increase invisalign cost. In cases where treatment is difficult, the invisalign price may increase. The exact invisalign cost is determined after the examination by the dentist in dental clinic.

    Will invisalign treatment affect my speech?

    In the first days, there may be compatibility problems. After the adjustment period, there is no problem and speech returns to normal. In special cases that require prolonged speech, it can be taken out of the mouth for 1 or 2 hours.

    Is it noticeable when the clear aligner is in my mouth?

    The most important feature of these clear braces is that they are not easily recognized. The aligners attached to your teeth will not be noticed by others like braces.

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    How long is the life of the veneer teeth?

    The life of the veneer teeth is affected by many things. In this respect, it would be wrong to state an exact time about the usage period. As a result of the follow-up of the cases where the teeth were coated, it was determined that the leaf porcelain carried out its function in the mouth for 15-20 years without any damage. In order to prolong the life of the coating, it is necessary to pay attention to the criteria listed above. The presence of gum diseases can also reduce this period. In cases where oral, dental and gingival care is not taken care of, the life of the coating may decrease to 5-10 years.

    How long does teeth straightening treatments take?

    The duration of invisalign treatment differs from person to person. The duration of aligners use determined by the physician and the severity of the problem in the tooth structure determine the duration of treatment. Plates can be changed at 14, 10 or 7 day intervals.

    While 10 plates may be sufficient in cases where there is slight crowding in the anterior alignment, the number of plates may reach 30 in cases where the lower jaw needs to be moved forward. The treatment period will be 60 weeks with 30 plates of application replaced with 2 weeks of use. If the plates are to be replaced after 7 days of use, the invisalign treatment period will be 30 weeks.

    Is it possible to see the end of the treatment before the invisalign treatment?

    3D modeling is done using a computer program in the digital environment and the image is pre-shaped after the treatment. The personalized design is seen by the patient and the physician and the planning is done. The patient is not disappointed in terms of appearance after the treatment.

    How many hours a day should invisalign be worn?

    It is necessary to wear the plates for 20-22 hours a day. It is removed while eating, drinking hot drinks and mouth care.

    How to clean my invisalign?

    In the evening, it should be cleaned with a toothbrush under warm water. The denture cleaning tablet can be kept in water for 10-15 minutes.

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