Zirconium crowns dentistry Istanbul

Zirconia crown is a tooth- and gum-friendly material that provides better technological and aesthetic results in dental treatments applied in recent years. It is frequently preferred in dentures and porcelain infrastructures, especially due to its white colour, transparency and light transmittance.

At Dentavita Dental Clinic, we frequently apply zirconium crowns to patients coming from abroad in Turkey. In addition, we can make the zirconia crown, which we frequently use as the infrastructure of dental implants, in Turkey at a very affordable price and without compromising on quality, compared to Europe and the UK.

Zirconia crown are made to have aesthetic smiles and white teeth. So, what is a zirconium teeth, which has increased use due to its durability and longevity? In which cases are zirconia crowns preferred? Which teeth is zirconium applied to? We covered more about zirconium crown in this article.

What are Zirconia crown?

What are zirconium crowns?

Zirconium crowns are frequently preferred application to correct functionally problematic teeth and to provide an aesthetic appearance. For zirconium crowns, names such as zirconium teeth and zirconium crowns are also made. It gives a natural appearance to the teeth due to its high light transmittance. It is possible to obtain aesthetic smiles with the zirconium crowns that gives whiteness. Despite the absence of metal in them, they are quite durable and long-lasting. Unlike metal tooth veneer types, purplish discoloration does not occur on the gums after the zirconium crown process.

In which cases are zirconium crowns applied in Turkey?

The information we have given below will be guiding for the question of whom zirconium tooth crown is made. Whether zircon s is suitable for which type of teeth should be determined after the opinion of the dentist. So which teeth are zirconia crowns made for?


Those who want to add aesthetics to their smiles,


Those whose teeth are discolored due to cigarettes, tea, coffee, who do not whiten their teeth sufficiently in the whitening process, who want to obtain a white tooth appearance similar to their natural teeth,


Those who are thinking of increasing the durability of their teeth,


Those with split teeth, those with gaps between their teeth


Those with crooked teeth, which are also called crooked teeth,


People who have a decrease in tooth tissue due to wear, tear, breakage,


Those who have structure and color defects in the filling they have made,


Those who want to cover their implants with porcelain,


Those who want to veneer during the treatment of decayed teeth,


People who are allergic to metal tooth veneer type,


They can have their teeth covered with zirconium disc crown. In addition, the following situations should not be ignored.


There should be no gingival diseases (If there is a disease in the gums, the disease should be treated before the zirconium crowns process)


The person who will have their teeth covered must be over 18 years old (it is more correct to apply zirconium crown after this age, since the mouth and jaw development of people over 18 years old is completed).


The gap between the teeth should not be too much (In this case, more than one tooth will be required, so there will be no tooth supporting the zirconium. In this case, the zirconium crown will break more easily)


Patients who require long bridge operation,

What are the advantages of zirconium crowns? Why Is Zirconia Crown Preferred?


Zirconia crowns provide an aesthetic appearance like natural teeth due to their high light transmittance.


Since zirconium crowns do not contain metal, they do not cause discoloration of the gums.


Zirconia crowns are one of the most durable dental crowns.


Since its thermal conductivity is low, hot and cold sensitivity is low.


Those with metal allergies can use it easily.


The amount of tooth tissue cut is very small.


Zirconium crowns are long lasting.


With good oral and dental care, there will be no color change,


The zirconia crown process takes a very short time.


When metal dental crowns are used, oxidation may occur in the mouth and bad breath may occur. These do not happen in zirconium crowns.

What are the disadvantages of zirconium crowns?

In the years when zirconium was first used in dentistry, the situations that could be considered as disadvantages disappeared as a result of the rapid development of technology. Despite this, getting a dental crown has caused many people to hesitate. Questions such as "Is the crown good" "Is zirconium harmful" are often asked before the procedure. Zirconium crown damages and zirconium crowns disadvantages are almost non-existent. Zirconium crowns are used in very long bridges, apart from the possibility of breakage, the only disadvantage that can be counted as its cost is that it is higher than metal-supported porcelains. However, the life of the zirconium crowns varies.

How is zirconia crowns made in Turkey?

The stages of zirconium crown can be listed as follows:


The patient is examined.

Teeth and gums are examined. In the presence of conditions that require treatment, preliminary treatments are performed (such as caries or gingival treatments).


Local anesthesia is applied.

There is usually no pain, aches or pains during the zirconia crown. However, since there may be patients with a very low pain threshold, the operation area is anesthetized. It takes a while for the agreement to be complete.


The tooth to be veneered is etched, the tooth is thinned.

In order to adjust the size of the tooth and better adhesion of the crown, the surface of the tooth tissue is abraded very thinly and the tooth is thinned.


Measurements are taken and the measurements are sent to the laboratory for crown preparation.

The teeth are displayed, the smile test is performed, the color of the zirconium is determined and measurements are taken. All records are sent to the laboratory. Technician prepares for zirconium crown. The construction of the crown is completed in a week at the latest.


Temporary crown is placed on the patient.

Temporary crowns are used until permanent crowns arrive from the laboratory.


Zirconium crown is attached

After the patient's consent is obtained, a permanent dental crown is placed. (If necessary, the bonding process is not complete and the patient uses the crown for 7-10 days, tests it. After approval, it can be permanently bonded.)


Physician advises the patient

Oral and dental care and the points to be paid attention are explained.

What should be considered after zirconium crowns treatment?

How should zirconium crowns care be done? After the zirconia ceramic process, the things to be done both to increase the life of the crown and to have a more comfortable eating and drinking function are listed below.

    People who grind their teeth at night should abandon these habits and use plates at night so that the zirconium crown is not damaged and falls off.

    If there are behaviors such as taking a pencil in the mouth and biting it, biting the hairpin while wearing a hairpin, and keeping it in the mouth, it should be abandoned.

    It should be avoided to break foods with hard shells with teeth.

    One should be careful when consuming fruit with seeds (cherries, cherries, etc.)

    It should not be forgotten that sticky foods will reduce the resistance of the coated crown.

    While consuming flexible and extensible foods such as chewing gum, paste, etc., the crowns should not be overloaded and especially the front teeth should not be forced.

    Since excessive consumption of acidic foods may have negative effects on the adhesive used in crown, such food consumption should be reduced.

    Oral care should be done at regular intervals (tooth brushing, use of mouthwash, use of dental floss)

    Dental check-ups should be done at regular intervals (at six-month intervals).

    The can lid, beverage lid should not be opened with the teeth.

    If fighting or contact sports are being practiced, dental protectors should be used.

    Other recommendations of the dentist should be followed.

Frequently Asked Questions about Zirconium Crown-Istanbul

How much is the zirconium crown price?

Zirconia crown cost is higher than traditional crowns. Various criteria affecting the price are listed below:


Treatments to be done in preparation for crown

In case of gum diseases or caries, these diseases should be treated first. These treatments incur extra costs.


The zirconium feature and amount used

Since it is an imported product, the amount of zirconium used will be reflected in the prices relatively.


Clinical experience of the staff

The experience of the dentist and technician is important. It directly affects the zirconium price differences between clinics.


Dollar/Euro rates

Since they are imported products, the zirconium price varies.


Upfront / in installments?

Zirconium crown prices may vary.

Zirconium crown prices in Türkiye are between £150-200 for an average single tooth.

How long does zirconia teeth last?

The life of the zircon is affected by the behaviors we have mentioned above and the do's and don'ts. Compliance with the recommendations of the physician will also increase the life of the crown. In this respect, it is not possible to give an exact time about the zirconium teeth life. With careful attention and regular oral care, the crown can be used for 10-30 years. Gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis can reduce this period. In cases where oral, dental and gingival care is not taken care of, the life of the crown may decrease up to 10 years.

Empress & Emax dental veneer or zirconium crowns?

The following information will be illuminating in answer to the question of what are the differences between empress and zirconium crown.

In terms of durability

Zirconium crown is more resistant and durable than Empress & Emax veneer.

In terms of use in molars

Although zirconium ceramic crown can be used on all teeth, empress veneer is not preferred for molars at the back of the jaw. Although Emax veneer is not very suitable, it can also be used on molars.

In terms of giving an aesthetic appearance

Empress & Emax veneers are superior to zirconium porcelain crowns in terms of aesthetic properties. Although zirconium porcelain crowns can be used on anterior teeth, it is preferred for molars that are more burdened.

Use on bridges

Empress & Emax veneers are not used on bridges. Zirconium dental crown is easily used instead of metal-supported crowns in long bridges.

You can come to our clinic or contact us to get information about Zirconium crowns and to benefit from our free examination service.

Does zirconium crown cause odor in the mouth?

Since zirconium crowns do not contain metal, they do not cause taste or odor in the mouth. If oral and dental care is done at regular intervals, the crown can be used for a long time without bad breath. There are many reasons that cause bad breath in the mouth. Not brushing the teeth regularly, not cleaning the mouth with mouthwash, not using dental floss are the main causes of bad breath. Sometimes tonsil diseases and fungal diseases of the gums and palate can also be the cause of bad breath in the mouth. Although patients think that the source of bad breath is due to the zirconia crown, this is wrong. It will be useful to consult with the dentist to find out the real cause of the odor in the mouth.

Does zirconium crown change color?

Since our real teeth are natural, they are easily affected by the colors of foods. However, since the surface of zirconium crowns is smooth and flat, there is no color change because it is artificial, and it is not adversely affected by tea, coffee and cigarettes. Due to its smooth and slippery structure, food residues cannot adhere to the tooth surface. Yellowing does not occur over time. However, if oral care is not good, an easy-to-clean layer may form on the tooth surface. This situation can be easily resolved with a cleaning done in 5 minutes by the dentist in a single session.

Is zirconium crown compatible with tooth tissue?

One of the most compatible crowns with dental tissue are zirconium crowns. Since there is no metal in the crown, there is no odor in the mouth, and there is no grayish purplish staining on the gums. It does not cause bleeding or recession in the gums. At the same time, zirconium crown can be easily used by those who are allergic to metal. Will I feel pain/soreness during the zircons teeth procedure? Since the gingiva is locally anesthetized with the local anesthesia method before the application, pain/pain/pain is not felt during the procedure. There may be occasional sensitivity to cold or heat, depending on the application. After a few days of adaptation period, the sensitivity will disappear and the coated tooth will be used like a normal tooth.

Are those who have zirconium made satisfied?

It is possible to understand the satisfaction of those who have zirconium crown from their comments or statements. We also explained the main reasons why these people are satisfied with the zirconium crown in the advantages of zirconia crown. Events such as odor and gingival discoloration observed in those who have traditional porcelain veneers are not seen in zirconium crowns. There are no color changes in these crowns. It can be used easily by people with metal allergies. Aesthetically, they provide a natural tooth-like appearance.

How long does zirconium crowns treatment take? How many sessions do zirconium crowns last?

The presence of disease in the tooth or gum will increase the duration and the number of sessions. In this case, the disease is treated first. In the absence of disease, the zirconium crown process can be 2-3 sessions depending on the patient, laboratory procedures and the opinion of the physician. Tooth thinning and permanent crown placement are performed in a short time. The time to make the zirconium crown in the laboratory can take up to 7 days. The time from the first inspection to the installation of the permanent crown is 5-10 days.

Do the zirconium crowns fall off after the tooth is bonded? Will it break?

The zirconium crowns are adhered to the main tooth, which has been thinned with strong medical adhesives. For this reason, cases where the zirconia crowns falls off are rare. It is possible to use the crown for a long time without falling or breaking if the dos and don'ts are followed after the process. Incorrect bonding of the crown, clenching of the teeth, grinding of the teeth, breaking the hard-shelled foods using coated teeth, adhesion of flexible and sticky foods (such as chewing gum, paste) to the veneered teeth, traumas, martial sports can cause the veneered tooth to break and/or the crown to fall off.

You can come to our clinic or contact us to get information about Zirconium crowns and to benefit from our examination service.

Can zirconium crown be made to all teeth?

Of course, all teeth can be made zirconium crown. But what they need to decide for this process are experienced dentists of our clinic. In case of closing problems, sorting inaccuracies, bleaching process applied by dentists, the teeth cannot be bleaching, the fact that many teeth are rotten, and the patient's desire to make a smile design can be made in all zirconium crown.

Does Istanbul zirconium crown cause decay?

In order to make zirconium crown, one-to-one-measured crowns are prepared using special computerized technologies (cad-cam) on the abraded tooth surface. These teeth veneers are adhered to the tooth surface with strong dental adhesive gels specially produced for the crown-bonding process. The crowns are adhered to the tooth in such a way that there is no gap between the zirconia crown and the natural tooth, which are prepared with exact measurements using special technologies. Since there is no gap on the tooth surface where bacteria can accumulate and the surface of the zirconia crown is smoother than the natural tooth, conditions such as bacterial accumulation on the tooth surface, dental plaque accumulation, tartar formation and tooth decay are prevented. The tooth with zirconium crown does not rot.

In order to make zirconium crown on all teeth, you should come to our clinic and have a detailed examination of our experienced physicians. Our physicians will share this with you when they deem it appropriate to have zirconium crown for all of your teeth.

Zirconium crown or porcelain veneer?

When the metal-based porcelain veneer is compared with the zirconium crown, it is seen that the metal-based porcelain tooth is a type of veneer used more in the past. Porcelain veneers with metal substructure have lost their popularity today due to some disadvantages.

General features of metal-based porcelain veneers:

    It has a matte appearance. Therefore, it does not look like a natural tooth.

    Unfortunately, the main tooth is chopped to cover the tooth surface.

    Since the metal substructure is placed on the abraded tooth and the porcelain veneer is placed on it, the veneered tooth becomes larger than the ideal tooth size.

    Due to the metal in its infrastructure, it may cause an allergic reaction in those with metal allergies.

    Metal-based porcelain veneer causes a grayish and purplish appearance on the gums over time.

    Porcelain veneers with metal substructure cause bad breath over time.

    Metal infrastructure porcelain veneer tooth is more economical than zirconium crown.

General features of zirconium crown teeth:

    Thanks to the light transmittance of zirconium crowns, it looks like a natural tooth.

    There is no need to cut the tooth in order to crown the tooth. A light abrasion is sufficient for dental veneer.

    Teeth with zirconium crowns are made both in natural tooth color and in a size that is compatible with other teeth.

    Since zirconium is a material with high biocompatibility, it does not cause allergic reactions.

    Zirconium crowns do not cause discoloration on the gums.

Can zirconia crown be applied in the treatment of crooked teeth?

Zircon crowns: In cases where orthodontic treatment is not preferred in the treatment of crooked teeth in Turkey, porcelain teeth with zirconium substructure are applied.

Is there any pain or hurt in zirconium crown treatment?

Since the teeth are anesthetized with local anesthesia in zirconium dental treatment, no pain or ache is felt during the treatment.

Can zirconia crown be applied to a single tooth?

Yes. In cases of color change, breakage or decay, zircon crown can be applied to a single tooth and teeth can be made in the same color and tone as other natural teeth.

How to care for zirconium teeth?

To care for zirconium porcelain, brushing and flossing twice a day is sufficient.

Zirconium veneer or implant?

Both treatments are applied for different purposes. In dental implant treatment, teeth are created by coating zirconium or metal-supported porcelain on the implant. It is applied to existing teeth by grinding and reducing the size of the tooth.

Do zirconium crown cause allergies?

Zirconium materials used in dental treatments do not have an allergenic effect. For people with metal allergies, zirconium-based porcelains can be used instead of metal-based porcelains.

How to remove zirconium crown?

When necessary, zirconium crown can be removed in the clinic environment with special tools without damaging the natural tooth.