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Aesthetic teeth filling Istanbul

With composite dental bonding, it is possible to achieve both healthy and aesthetic looking teeth. Filled teeth can be used for many years at the end of this application, which is widely used in Hollywood smile. What is composite dental bonding? How is aesthetic teeth filling done? You can find answers to questions such as and more.

What is composite dental bonding (aesthetic teeth filling)?

Composite dental bonding is an aesthetic treatment method to correct tooth fractures, tooth decay and uncomfortable discoloration. For composite teeth filling, names such as aesthetic teeth filling, white filling, dental bonding, laser filling or beam filling are also made. These fillings are very resistant to breakage. The color of the composite teeth filling is prepared in such a way that it completely matches the tooth color of the patient. It is the most preferred type of filling because its color cannot be understood by other people. Thanks to this application, the patient not only gets healthy teeth, but also aesthetically pleasing teeth and desired smiles.

How is composite dental bonding done?

One of the most frequently asked questions by people with broken or rotten teeth is How to make an aesthetic teeth filling? It is in the form. The composite dental bonding stages are listed below.

  • Examination: Before the aesthetic teeth filling treatment, the patient is examined.
  • The mouth area is anesthetized: If the treatment is to be done, the patient is anesthetized by local anesthesia (Anesthesia is not needed in cases of superficial caries that are not close to the nerve, in cases where only the shape of the tooth will be changed).
  • Caries is cleaned: If any, bruises are cleaned.
  • The mouth is constantly cleaned with water: The saliva and blood in the mouth are removed. This is done throughout the treatment.
  • The tooth surface is acidified: Acid is applied to the tooth surface and a rough structure is created for the filling to adhere to the tooth.
  • Adhesive is applied: Acid is removed and bond providing adhesion is applied. The bond is frozen with LED or halogen light.
  • The filling color is selected and the filling is prepared: In order to fill in a color close to the color of the tooth, a color is selected from the color guide.
  • Aesthetic filling is placed in layers: The process of placing the composite layers begins. Composite is cured using blue light in each placement job.
  • Tooth surface level is corrected: After the composite dental bonding is completely placed, corrections are made on the tooth surface and polishing is applied.
  • Bite test is performed: The patient is asked to do the bite test and surface control with the tongue. The treatment is completed in approximately 30 minutes.
  • Will there be pain during the aesthetic teeth filling?

    During the composite dental bonding process, the mouth area is usually anesthetized by local anesthesia. Due to the numbing process, pain or pain is not felt during the filling process. If an aesthetic teeth filling is to be applied to correct deformities in the teeth or to close the gaps between the teeth, there is usually no need for regional anesthesia. Most patients do not feel any pain after treatment, even when the effect of the drug has passed. People with a low pain threshold may have a mild pain relieved with painkillers.

    How is dental care done after aesthetic teeth filling?

    There are things to be done after composite dental bonding. If the following recommendations are followed, the life of the composite filling will also increase.

  • Do not eat or drink anything until the effect of the drug wears off.
  • In cases where the sensitivity to heat or cold lasts for a long time, the filling should be checked by going to the dentist.
  • Teeth should be brushed regularly.
  • Use dental floss.
  • Toothbrush should not be hard, hard and abrasive whitening or toothpastes containing granules should not be preferred (in order not to corrode the polish of the filled tooth)
  • Hard-shelled foods should not be broken with teeth.
  • Especially those with old fillings should be careful when consuming sticky foods such as Turkish delight and paste, and should not use the side with the filled tooth if possible.
  • Beverage lids should not be opened with teeth.
  • Teeth should be protected from hard blows (especially those who do martial arts)
  • The dentist should have oral and dental check-ups at 6-month intervals and the teeth should be polished.

  • How much are the aesthetic teeth filling prices in Turkey

    Composite dental bonding prices are relatively cheaper than other dental treatments and may differ for various reasons. Due to the different amount of composite material used and the difficulty of the work, there may be a difference between the price of the filling for the molar and the treatment applied to the anterior teeth. The knowledge and experience of the dentist can also be reflected in the price. There may be a price difference between provinces or districts, and the price of filling may vary even between clinics in the same district. In other words, the expenses in the place where the clinic is located, the economic situation of the people and the price preference of the physician may cause price differences between the clinics.

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    In which cases is aesthetic teeth filling done?

    Aesthetic teeth filling is performed in the following cases:

  • Repair of broken teeth
  • Treatment and repair of decayed teeth
  • Removal of permanent color on teeth
  • Relieving the sensitivity of the teeth to heat and cold
  • Treatment of root tip cysts
  • Closing gaps between teeth
  • To increase the length of small teeth
  • When planning the smile design

  • What are the advantages of aesthetic teeth filling?

    Composite dental bonding, which are quite durable and used for a long time without falling, have many advantages. The advantages of composite dental bonding are listed below.

  • Aesthetic teeth filling is incomprehensible when viewed from the outside.
  • They provide an aesthetic appearance as their color is in harmony with the tooth structure.
  • Aesthetic teeth filling can be applied to all age groups.
  • It does not have allergic properties.
  • Unlike amalgam filling, it can be applied to both anterior and posterior teeth.
  • There is no sensitivity to hot and cold.
  • It is made in harmony with the color of the teeth.
  • They can be used for a long time
  • Filling treatment time is short.
  • It is a painless procedure.

  • Does the aesthetic teeth filling fall off?

    How long does the composite dental bonding last? The question is a question that people who are worried about the filling will fall off. Aesthetic teeth filling that has been duly made does not fall off. Since the acidification process, adhesives, and compatibility of the filling material with the tooth used during the treatment ensure that the filling adheres to the tooth very well, the incidence of falling is not observed. However, due to improper treatment, tooth grinding or clenching, and severe impacts, the aesthetic filling may break or fall off. Fillings made by experienced dentists can be used for years as long as they are protected from impact events, as long as they do not break hard-shelled foods with their teeth and regularly perform oral and dental care.

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