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With the Hollywood smile, the aesthetically deteriorated teeth and gums regain their health, while the patient achieves the most aesthetic smile for the face shape. With routine oral care and regular physician control, the smile design is long-lasting. What is Hollywood smile? How to make a Hollywood smile?

What is Hollywood smile (Smile design)?

Hollywood smile is the process of designing the most suitable smile for the mouth structure, taking into account the gender, teeth, facial features, jaw structure and character of the patient. It is also called smile design. Smile aesthetics can be done at any age. Even people who have no teeth left in their mouths can have the smile they desire with extra treatments. Since the smile shape that suits each person differs, the designs are made individually. Before starting the studies, if necessary, treatments such as dental implants, fillings, bridges, correction of crooked teeth and gum diseases are performed. Mouth measurements, photographs and video recordings are used in advanced computer programs to create a model and work on a Hollywood smile is started. Through Hollywood smile studies, the patient not only maintains oral health, but also achieves an aesthetic smile.

How to make a Hollywood smile?

Hollywood smile applications can be examined in 3 stages. The smile design stages are as follows:

Stage 1

  • Measurements and 3D digital smile design preparation (dental scanner) in demo
  • The patient's teeth are measured.
  • Photographs of the inside, outside and face of the mouth are taken from different angles.
  • Different smile samples are shown to the patient.
  • Personalized 3D smile design is made by the dentist and prosthesis technician with the help of the recorded data.(dentist design)
  • The person who wants to have a smile design can see the final version of his smile as a demo, while no action has been taken yet.
  • Planning is done for the treatment of dental and gingival diseases and irregularities.
  • Stage 2

  • Treatment procedures and installation of temporary teeth (Mock-up)
  • If necessary, root canal treatment, filling, implant procedures, treatment of decayed teeth are performed.
  • If orthodontic treatment is not required, level disorders in the gingiva are regulated.
  • After the implant treatment, teeth whitening is done if needed.
  • Gum diseases are treated.
  • In some cases, dermal fillers are applied to the lips and face areas.
  • In the first examination, teeth suitable for the smile design that the patient likes are started to be produced.
  • The previously prepared digital design is converted into a model. Mock-up operation is performed. In other words, the prepared model is placed on the teeth in the form of a silicone mold. The patient examines his own mouth structure in front of the mirror and in the camera recording. The silicone mold is removed from the mouth. The person examines the Hollywood smile and shares the things he does not like with the doctor. After the correction procedures are done, the patient's smile design approval is obtained.
  • Stage 3

  • Finishing of veneer treatments and digital smile designing
  • Preferred zirconium, lamine veneers, Emax veneers, which are prepared according to the patient's dental measurements, are applied to the patient permanently after rehearsal.
  • The smile design takes its final shape.
  • The dentist informs the patient.
  • Who can have a Hollywood smile?

    Can Hollywood smile be done to everyone? Yes, anyone who wants to beautify their smile can benefit from the design service. However, it is more important for patients with the following features to have a smile design for oral health and smile aesthetics.

  • Those with crooked teeth
  • Those who have excessive discoloration of their teeth
  • Those with larger or smaller teeth than normal
  • Those with gum disease,
  • Those whose gingival appearance is not good, people with gingival recession
  • Those who have cavities in their teeth
  • Those who have large gaps between their teeth,
  • People with mouth closing problems,
  • People with darkened, large, old fillings in the anterior teeth row,
  • People with missing teeth
  • Those with teeth clenching problems,
  • Those with broken and cracked teeth
  • Those who have teeth with this feature will have a remarkable smile and will have an important role in protecting their oral and dental health.
  • What are the advantages of Hollywood smile?

    People who have a Hollywood smile get some advantageous results at the end of the applications. Before and after design images are completely different. The advantages that the patient, who has the aesthetic smile he dreams of with a Hollywood smile, will gain after the applications can be briefly listed as follows:

  • The discoloration of the teeth is removed and a more natural appearance is achieved.
  • The alignment of the teeth becomes compatible with the mouth, the distortions are corrected.
  • Caries and fillings that cause visual problems are treated and the appearance becomes better.
  • Gum diseases are eliminated, gum color returns to normal
  • Intermittent tooth structure is corrected
  • Teeth appear whiter with special coatings and tooth cleaning treatments.
  • Improves teeth grinding and squeezing problems
  • The size of the teeth becomes normal, their shape improves
  • How many days do Hollywood smile applications take?

    holywood smile design dentistry Istanbul

    It is difficult to give an exact time since the duration of the Hollywood smile depends on the mouth and teeth structure of the patient. There may be dental or gum diseases that need to be treated before design planning. First of all, these treatments are performed and work is started for smile design. Treatments to be made will increase the time of making the digital smile design. Since the stages after the treatments will differ little from person to person, the duration will not be decisive. In this respect, it would be more accurate to determine how long the Hollywood smile design will last after the dentist's examination.

    What are the types of Hollywood smile designs?

    Digital smile designs are made individually. However, there are frequently preferred types of smiles. People who want to have a design are usually shown photos of smile types at their first examination. Based on the smile type that the patient likes, the appropriate design for the patient is started. There are three types of smiles;

    Intellectual smile

    It is suitable for people over middle age. It is preferred for the person who will make the design to look more knowledgeable and mature. The teeth are at the same level.

    Sporty smile

    In this smile style, the incisors on the side are shorter than the incisors in the middle. It is a very preferred form of smile.

    Attractive smile

    It is a smile style preferred by women more. It adds youth. The front teeth are longer than the other teeth.

    What is considered when designing a smile?

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Gum color and health
  • Arrangement of teeth
  • Shapes of teeth
  • Face shape
  • Shape of lips
  • At what level the chin is closed, the condition of the anterior and posterior jaws
  • Whether there is teeth clenching or not.
  • Curvature of the nose
  • Character of the person
  • Smoking
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Hollywood Smile-Istanbul

    Hollywood smile cost in Turkey?

    Smile design price may vary depending on some factors. It is not possible to talk about a standard price for digital smile designing, as the implant application, filling and caries treatment, orthodontic treatments that correct the tooth alignment, zirconium, Emax or laminated tooth coatings and teeth whitening will increase the cost. Prices vary between clinics due to the development level and economic structure of the province or district, the knowledge and experience of the dentist, and the price of imported materials used during extra treatments. The clearest price is determined after the dentist examines the patient and the patient's preferences are determined. You can make an appointment or contact us to get more detailed information about rose design prices and to have a examination.

    Is the Hollywood smile permanent?

    The question of whether the Hollywood smile is permanent is one of the most frequently asked questions by those who want to have this procedure. It would not be right to say anything definite about the life of the design. Since the applications are personal, the continuation of the design will also differ. The presence and level of oral and dental diseases before the smile design is made, the type of treatments performed during the procedure, and the life of the materials will also affect the permanence of the design. The life of materials such as bridges and crowns varies between 10 and 15 years, depending on the person's oral and dental care.

    The knowledge and experience of the dentist regarding the continuity of the smile design, the plans made, whether the person performs oral and dental care at regular intervals, and whether the dentist is visited at 6-month intervals will also be decisive. You can also get information about the subject with the comments of those who have a smile design and by calling our clinic.

    You can come to our clinic or contact us to get information about Hollywood smile and to benefit from our free examination service.

    What treatments include smile makeover or hollywood smile in Turkey?

    The Hollywood smile is a procedure that may require a combination of general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments to give the patient a youthful, attractive and aesthetic smile.

    Smile design is done with the treatments listed below. These treatments are specially planned and applied for each patient.