What is a flapless implant?

What is a flapless implant?

Flapless implant is a technique that completely eliminates the use of sutures in implant placement, provides patient comfort during application and shortens the healing time. This technique is also called seamless implant. In classical implant surgery, the bone tissue where the implant will be placed is reached by opening the gums with an incision. The incision sites opened in this way must be closed with sutures after the implant is placed. Afterwards, these sutures must be removed unless dissolving suture material is used. With the flapless implant technique, this process is easily passed without surgery and without the trouble of taking stitches.

The flapless implant, which we often prefer, offers our patients the opportunity to complete their implant treatments effortlessly and with less surgical intervention at Dentavita Dental Clinic in Istanbul. If you want to have your implant treatment done by our experienced dentists in Istanbul in a flapless, non-surgical way, you can contact our dental clinic in Istanbul.

How to make a flapless implant?

Implant placement techniques are constantly being renewed and X-Guide implant technology and computed tomography data are used in our clinic. In this way, flapless implant placement is performed more safely and without the use of stitches with 3D imaging systems. In the classical method, the flap is lifted through an incision and closed with stitches after the implant is placed. The seamless implant is made under local anesthesia, accompanied by 3D imaging, by opening a small area with the help of laser in the area where the implant will be placed. Since the flapless implant method does not include classical incision surgery procedures, intervention on soft tissue is minimal.

Turkish dental clinics are equipped with the latest advancements in dental technology, ensuring precise implant placement and optimal patient outcomes.

Advantages of flapless implant method

The advantages of the flapless implant compared to the classical implant method are:

  • The implant placement process is more comfortable.
  • The surgical procedure is reduced and there is no need for stitching or removing.
  • Since no stitches are used, there are no scars on the gums.
  • Recovery time is shorter.
  • Bleeding is minimal during application.
  • Post-operative complications such as pain, swelling, infection or dehiscence are reduced.
  • Since the vascular structure is more preserved, the nutrition of the tissues is not interrupted.
  • Gum and bone tissue are protected.

Flapless implant prices Istanbul (non-surgical implant)

Flapless implant prices may vary depending on the technology used during application, the number and brand of implants, whether the implant-supported prosthesis is porcelain or zirconium, and the experience of the dentist.

You can benefit from our relevant article on choosing whether to choose zirconium or porcelain. The important thing is to choose a reliable dental clinic to protect your oral and dental health. If you are considering flapless implant (seamless Implant) treatment, you can contact Dentavita Dental Clinic in Istanbul for prices and more detailed information.

Who can have flapless implants?

flapless implant can be applied to anyone who can undergo classical implant treatment. What is important for this treatment is that the patient's general health condition is appropriate and that he/she has sufficient bone volume. After a preliminary examination by specialist dentists, you can find out whether you are a suitable candidate for flapless implant treatment. You can also choose flapless implants for all on four and all on six implants treatments.

What are the things to consider after flapless implant?

The healing process after flapless implant treatment is faster and more comfortable. Since there are no stitches, bleeding is less. There is no need for a procedure such as removing stitches. However, the points to be taken into consideration after the classical implant are also valid after the flapless implant.

There may be pain and swelling in the implant area after anesthesia. For this purpose, pain control can be achieved with medications prescribed by our doctor. For swelling, ice compresses can be applied in accordance with our doctor's advice.

Are there any disadvantages of flapless implants?

In our article, we talked about the many advantages of flapless implants. The disadvantage of the flapless implant is that its prices are higher than the classical implant due to the technology used. In addition, since this method requires special expertise, more care should be taken when choosing a dental clinic. You can learn the advantages and disadvantages of flapless implants for you in more detail during the preliminary examination of our dentists.