Zygomatic Implant Istanbul, Turkey

What is Zygomatic Implant? Istanbul

Zygomatic implant is an implant method applied to the zygoma (cheekbone) bone of patients who do not have sufficient upper jaw bone volume for classical implant treatment. For patients with bone resorption in the upper jaw bone structure, the zygoma implant plays a saving role. The cheekbone (zygoma) has an extremely favourable structure for implant placement. Even if the bone structure is not sufficient for normal implant treatment, it is possible to have implant treatment thanks to the zygomatic implant.

Zygomatic implants, like other implants, are made of titanium alloy and are also an extremely robust material with high bone and soft tissue compatibility. The difference from other implants is that it is longer in length. The zygomatic implant has various lengths starting from 30 mm up to 52.5 mm with 2.5 mm intervals. In addition, the implant head is not flat, it has a 45-degree angle. With this long structure and special angle, zygomatic implants provide support from the zygoma bone, which is at a distance.

Zygomatic implant, which allows more patients to benefit from implant treatment, is a treatment process that should be carried out meticulously by specialist dentists who have trained themselves in this field. In Sarıyer Denta Vita Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic in Istanbul, zygomatic implant treatment gives hope to patients with insufficient jawbone with our high standard clinical conditions and experienced dentists. Instead of giving up on implant treatment, contact our clinic in Sarıyer, Istanbul for zygomatic implant treatment.

How is a zygomatic implant performed?

The zygomatic dental implant, which is similar to the classical implant treatment, is a different application in terms of where the implant is placed. Zygomatic implant treatment is generally done as follows:

Examination in zygomatic implant

Firstly, the general health status of the patient is evaluated. If the general health condition of the patient is suitable for implant treatment, the upper jaw structure is visualised in detail. This procedure is performed with computer-aided X-Guide technology in our clinic in addition to X-ray and tomography. In this way, the patient's upper jaw structure is evaluated in three dimensions. In patients with insufficient jaw bone volume, zygoma implant application is preferred.

Planning in zygomatic implant treatment

The planning stage of the treatment is started. According to the position of the zygoma bone, the size of the implant to be used and the place where the implant will be placed are determined. For the implant prosthesis, porcelain veneer or zirconium crown material is preferred according to the patient's preference.

Application in zygomatic implant treatment

The application is performed under general anaesthesia. Implant placement is performed on the patient's zygoma bone at a predetermined size and angle by surgical intervention. Then, a temporary prosthesis is placed on the implant so that the patient does not have aesthetic problems.

Implant Integration in zygomatic implant treatment

A period of 3 months should be waited for the integration of the implant into the zygoma bone. During this time, the cheekbone will surround the implant and integrate with the implant.

Prosthesis Placement in zygomatic implant treatment

When the bone fusion process of the implant is completed, the permanent tooth prosthesis is placed on the implant and the zygomatic implant treatment is completed.

Who can get a zygomatic implant?

Zygomatic implant is performed in patients who have tooth loss but do not have enough bone volume in the upper jaw bone for implant placement and bone volume augmentation treatment is not preferred. Some patients experience losses in the upper jaw bone due to reasons such as bone resorption, long time after tooth loss, trauma, gum and bone diseases. Zygomatic implant is a method applied to patients with bone loss for the reasons we mentioned.

What are the advantages of zygomatic implant?

  • It makes implant treatment possible in patients with insufficient upper jaw bone volume or bone resorption.
  • It can be applied in patients whose upper jaw bone is damaged after various diseases or trauma.
  • Implants can be placed by taking support from the zygoma bones without the need for sinus lifting surgery.
  • It can be preferred in cases where classical implant treatment fails.
  • It offers a quick solution to tooth deficiency.
  • Aesthetic problems can be eliminated by wearing temporary prostheses on the day the zygomatic implant is placed.
  • Reported survival rates range from 95.2 to 100% (study).
  • In addition to an aesthetic smile, it restores speech and chewing functions.

Zygomatic implant Turkey prices

Zygomatic implant Turkey prices are determined according to the service quality offered by the dental clinic where you are treated in Istanbul. In addition, zygomatic implant prices vary according to the brand of the implant used, the material used in the implant prosthesis and the degree of difficulty of the surgery. It would not be appropriate to determine the price without conducting a preliminary examination and receiving the demands of our patients.

The important thing is to be satisfied with the treatment service you receive and to increase your quality of life. For this, make an appointment immediately by contacting Sarıyer Denta Vita Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic , one of the well-known dental clinics in Istanbul, about Zygomatic implant Turkey prices. You can get detailed information about the price of the treatment process after the preliminary examination.